Monday, October 1, 2012

raising revolutionaries

That's what I say, every time I'm asked 'why?' or 'what difference does it make?' (natural, organic, cloth)  It's the right choice to make, but more than that I am raising revolutionaries, they will change the world.  My job is to teach them right from wrong and it will be their job to make the changes.  Hopefully in my lifetime.

To me the problems seem so big, unmanageable, intangible.  My hope is that my children (and yours) will see the answers clearly and know what to do.

Tonight I watched the first part of Half the Sky.  I was inspired to say the least!  Amazing people out there changing the world, this documentary shares the stories of people all over the world who dedicate their lives to giving women a better chance, and inspiring stories of women who are striving despite difficulties.  Don't miss the second half, it's on tomorrow night.

On another note... we have been doing a lot of bug spying lately.

The boys were really excited about this one.

If I had to pick a favorite bug it would be the Praying Mantis, this one was inspecting us as much as we were spying on him. 


  1. thank you Debbie! I finally read up on how to use my camera... going slowly but I am starting to figure it out.