Friday, November 23, 2012

dragons and mer-babies!

 Naplets, Naplets, Naplets!  It's all I can think about lately!  I really love making them... here are my two latest.  The mer-baby is Finley of course.  I can't tell if it is a merman or a mermaid?  The dragon is named Caleb.  The ideas are swimming though my head and filling my notebook.  Expect to see plenty more Naplets and Naplings.  I even have some pink in the works :)

Thursday, November 8, 2012


I voted for Marriage Equality in my state!  Why?  Simple... I believe that LOVE IS LOVE!  I am so proud of my fellow Marylanders who have overcome the years of hate speech and prejudices that we have all experienced, most of us have grown up hearing 'gay' as a pejorative.  My children will not know that world, my children will know an accepting and loving world.  I could not be happier, I have been bursting with pride since I heard the news!

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This is Aris.  He loves politics...  he didn't actually vote himself but he is proud that his state voted to accept Marriage Equality.  Aris plans on running for School President once he gets to middle school.  For now he listens to C-span in his spare time (he really does!)  His favorite color is green.

Monday, November 5, 2012

foxes, angels and Cleary's new baby.

My three year old son loves to "do the work."  More than anything he wants to help his mommy and do what mommy is doing.  I'm sure you all have your own little helpers.  When Sandy rolled in and Cleary couldn't sleep he really wanted to help me finish the newest Naplet Angel.  I thought this would be a great chance for him to make a Naplet of his own.
We used a plain white sock that he hadn't grown into yet.  First Cleary had a lot of fun stuffing the sock with wool, after he was fully stuffed (and hugged)  I rolled the bottom in and Cleary helped tie off two feet and a head.  We used embroidery thread and a yarn needle for the eyes and nose.  I poked the needle through and Cleary happily pulled it out, he kept his hand on mine as we embroidered and as far as he is concerned he made this doll all by himself.  His name is Baby Soren just like his little brother and Cleary holds him up next to the real Soren to show me how much they look alike.  I had to sneak him out of bed to get a picture that is in focus.

The fox is named Mason and he has already found a home with a sweet new baby who needed a fox best friend.  I thought Mason might like a little sleeping bag to keep cozy and after he made his way to his new home I was told that his best friend has a matching blanket!  

The Angel was inspired by my Me-maw, she has always called all of our new babies "Sweet baby angels."  I like to brag about my Me-maw and since I've mentioned her I will tell y'all; she had 5 kids of her own, 12 grandkids and now she has 24 and counting great-grandkids!!!!  My expecting sister will make 25 if I have counted right.   

Peace and Love -Nikki