Sunday, August 23, 2015

Napling Dragon Coloring Sheet

The pattern is coming!  The Naptown Boys Napling Dragon pattern is almost completed.  I am currently editing new photos and fumbling through a new software program.  I know I've been saying it's almost finished, what I meant by that is... the pattern is finished and written but the perfectionist in me will re-do it multiple times until it's perfect.
The old software that I was suffering through, Apache OpenOffice, was reformatting the texts and photos.  It would also export the pdf files with missing pages or text and randomly pile all of the photos in the document into one big jumble.  I am now working with Microsoft Word and it is a great program and very easy to work with, but it is taking time to re-write the 50 page document.
The original photos were taken with Dragon's made of wool interlock, a pricey but amazing material that I absolutely love.  I am now recommending cotton velour as an alternative material choice.  I have used the cotton velour on Naplets and Nappers and have seen a very beautiful butterfly Napling made by a Naptown Boys Sewing Club member with Velour.  I have also retested the pattern with cotton velour, as it is a fabric that is more easily accessible in multiple colors.  YAY!  That's great news, except, I have an entirely new batch of photos to edit and insert into the pattern.
So, I keep promising that it is almost ready.  At times I was in the final edit so I was in my optimism telling the truth.  Realistically it is still almost ready, and starting over isn't all that bad.  I learn something new each draft and I will be offering you the very best version possible.

While you are anxiously waiting the pattern please work on your design sheet.  It's time to color your dragons!  You can print the coloring sheet by downloading it from Google Docs here.

Please share the pictures of your colored Dragons, I would love to see them!  You can post them here or on the Naptown Boys Facebook page.

happy doll making!  Nikki