Monday, February 6, 2012

the first Naptown Boy!

That handsome little man is my nephew.  He is also a true Naptown Boy and a huge inspiration.  He is full of life to say the least!  This photo was taken on Nov. 10th 2010, shortly after his first haircut.  The first haircut is sometimes traumatic for moms, it can be hard to let go of those baby curls and see a little man emerge.  My sister was not ready but my brother-in-law did not want to hear his son called a cute little girl one more time, so boy cut it was.  How do you think my brother-in-law felt when aforementioned son came home from MY house in love with a huge pink doll and a pink stroller?  I'll tell you how it went... I started an instant search for boy dolls for the boys that I love while hoping to keep the peace!
After a few weeks of searching I finally came across Waldorf dolls and was head over heels!  The cuteness, oh my the CUTENESS!  Handmade and all natural materials went straight to my hippie heart... I was so excited I bought enough materials to make 4 and here is my son's doll, the first one I made on Jan. 17th 2011.  I think the hair took another week to figure out.  You can see him completed in the post below wearing the hedgehog tee.  I have now been making them for just over a year and loving every single one <3