Thursday, June 12, 2014

Learning to sew.

Anytime my son is faced with a new challenge he says "I can do it!"  In his four year old mind he could build a jet from scratch and fly it around the world if I would just let him try.  (This is what he tells me.)  But I'm a meany and I keep all of the jet engines packed up in the tool closet with the drill and hammers, out of reach.

This morning he brings me two pieces of fabric that we found at the thrift store.  "This is mine and I'm going to make a blanket and pillow for my baby."  He backs slowly towards my sewing room waiting to see if I will be a dream crusher or an enabler.

Well lucky for him he's talking dolls, so I'm all in!

After a little re-arranging of chairs and machines and some debating.  "I know how to do this, I did it before when I was a baby.   I don't need your help!"  We settled on Cleary pressing the foot pedal and guiding the fabric with me.   He also ironed the fabric (very exciting for him) and helped cut the pieces.  Turning the fabric was frustrating for him but stuffing the pillow was fun and made up for the aggravation of turning.  By the time we got to topstitching he had really gotten the hang of it and was very adamant that he is an expert after all.  Start to finish the project only took us about 20 mins, just the right amount of time to keep him from getting bored or distracted.

We are both feeling very proud of his accomplishment  When I asked him if I could share with you all he couldn't wait to take the photos.  He wanted to make sure you all knew you can make one too, he even said he would show you how!

*Cleary's doll is made by Sweet Seriah*