Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ninja Love

We crazy love Ninja's over here.  Big fuzzy heart Valentine love Ninjas.
My two boys dress like Ninja's everyday.  Luckily all they need is matching pants and shirt and then they are transformed in to whatever color they are wearing Ninja.  I've had to find a few extra black shirts and black pants because most often they want to be black Ninja's.

I have to say, I love it a lot.

We have Ninja training often.  It's the most requested game from my boys and my nephews.  I'll try to explain how we play.

I am the Sensei and the boys are all in Ninja training.  We start by sitting on the floor in a circle with our legs crossed in a yoga pose to focus.  We do this little mini meditation in between each training excise to regroup and get the boys to calm a bit between each activity.

Then we have 4 main training sessions.

First, we practice punches.  I don't really know what I'm doing, they just follow me punching the air.  We practice left punches, right punches, combo punches, spinning punches.  Whatever little combo I come up with we practice for a few minutes and then they each take turns showing off how they can do it on their own.   I tell them they have graduated to the next level and we meditate before moving on to the next practice.

Secondly, we practice kicks.  Similar to the punching but with kicking.  They are real Ninja's and they take this practice very seriously.  Meditating for our transition.

Thirdly, we practice flips.  ***I am not recommending your kids do this***  My boys flip off of the couch and then add punch and kick combos.  A nice safe floor roll is what I suggest, and then jump up and kick punch kick!

The final practice is STEALTH!  They will do this for hours once we start.  I point out someone that they need to sneak by without being seen, usually it is Aunt Christie in the kitchen or a random family member sitting at a table or on the couch.  They crouch or belly crawl past the unsuspecting target.  They are usually full of giggles and I have them do this a few times until they can sneak past quietly and "unsuspected."  Silly boys.  They really can't get enough of stealth.

Once Ninja training is finished, they always devise Ninja missions and go off to save the world.  Boys really are fun.  <3

My sons favorite color is Pink and he wanted a pink Ninja a made a lot of them last year, but this year  I've just added one to the shop.  We had quite a rough winter.  It was one sickness after another.  I hope you guys all got through it well!

I don't have any Ninja Training photo's, since I'm usually busy being a Sensei.  I'll try to get one next time.  This is my little Ninja crashed!

I made a huge pile of mini Ninja's to go with my sons Pre-K valentines last year, this year the request is for them to all be pink and white!

This Pink Ninja is my sons favorite.  I've just added one more to my etsy shop! 

Here is a peek at what the valentines look like.    
This one is our favorite. 

I wish you all have a fun Ninja Valentine's day this year!
peace and love, Nikki