Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Customs!

I thought it would be fun to play Santa just a little bit so I'm taking requests for Christmas custom dolls on my Facebook Page.  I will draw names and make custom dolls one at a time over the next two weeks!
Typically, I can make 2-3 dolls in 15 days and I'm hoping I can work really hard and fit in at least 5.  That will be a challenge for me to stay so focused!  If you would like a chance at a Christmas Custom, comment either here or on my facebook post and I will be drawing the first name tonight.

This is Randy the Napling Deer.  He alone took an entire week to make and then 2 more full days to get his overalls right!  Randy is available tonight in the Dollectable upload at 5 pm. est. 

Randy would love to go sailing one day!  He sees all of the sailboats floating by on the Chesapeake Bay and he is enthralled with the fact that you can power a boat through the water simply with the wind.  He is a very adventurous soul.  Randy would love to come live with you, as long as you promise to have his favorite snack, chamomile flowers.  

I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of the Festive winter season, we have lots of plans and even more plans scratched off the calendar.  I hope to get snowed under, so we can stay cozy by the fire with books and boards games.  I wish the same for all of you.
Peace- Nikki