Thursday, November 8, 2012


I voted for Marriage Equality in my state!  Why?  Simple... I believe that LOVE IS LOVE!  I am so proud of my fellow Marylanders who have overcome the years of hate speech and prejudices that we have all experienced, most of us have grown up hearing 'gay' as a pejorative.  My children will not know that world, my children will know an accepting and loving world.  I could not be happier, I have been bursting with pride since I heard the news!

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This is Aris.  He loves politics...  he didn't actually vote himself but he is proud that his state voted to accept Marriage Equality.  Aris plans on running for School President once he gets to middle school.  For now he listens to C-span in his spare time (he really does!)  His favorite color is green.

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  1. Baker is proud to be such an adorable part of a two mom family and his little owner simply adores him! I think your next doll should have rainbow pajamas!