Saturday, October 6, 2012

Introducing Naplets!

What is a Naplet?  A Naplet is a Naptown Boys lovey, they are approximately 5 inches tall and made out of squishy soft wool interlock bodies, organic cotton interlock on their sleepy little faces and stuffed with eco-friendly wool.  Their big floppy ears (or tails, I can't wait to show you who is coming next!) are perfect for snuggling and teething.

I was inspired to make a smaller, pocket sized, baby friendly version of my Naplings.  Where did I come up with the names Naplets and Naplings?  The first little creature I made was an owl, the terms for a baby Owl are Fledgeling and Owlet.  Well of course a baby Naptown Boy would have to be a Napling or a Naplet.  I couldn't decide on just one name so I made both.

Naplets and Naplings are Zoomorphic little boys;  Zoomorphism is the exact opposite of Anthropomorphic.  My guys are all boy, they just happen to have a little bit of their animal nature peeking through to the outside.

And here is the very first Naplet!  His name is Hoppel. 

He is a very sleepy guy.  Hoppel can just cuddle up with his floppy ears and fall asleep anywhere.

When he isn't sleeping he likes to search for four leaf clovers!

All that hopping around has gotten Hoppel tired out.  Time for another nap.

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