Monday, June 1, 2015

Tate, the beach boy.

It's that time of year again.  The time of year where the sun starts to shine and I remember why I really love to live here on the east coast of Maryland.  We live near the beautiful Chesapeake Bay and have beaches within blocks where we plan to spend the summer.

The second Tate came to life I knew he was one of those boys, the kind you have to drag out of the water.

Tate is a little boy with a water spirit full of adventure.  If you ask him what he wants to do it will certainly be a day at the beach, or pool and if no other options are available he will stay in the bath until he is as wrinkled as a prune.  Tate has big dreams of one day being a Life Guard or Surfer or Kayaking Instructor or maybe even a Marine Biologist (okay, that's really my dream,) anything that will keep him in the water. Tate had it set in his mind that he could swim, and even though he really couldn't, and even though he kept almost drowning, eventually he figured it out and taught himself to swim like a champ.  

Tate is a 12" Naptown Boys doll, his arms are button jointed and his legs are sewn to his body.  He is made out of all natural materials and hand sewn in my home studio.  His buttons are handcrafted from wood. 
He is stuffed with wool and his hair is natural camel weft.  His features are embroidered with cotton floss, olive green eyes and he cheeks are blushed with beeswax crayon.
Tate wears blue pants made by me, that can be cuffed to board shorts.  He has sandals are made of wool felt, cotton ribbon and elastic.  Tate comes with a white tee shirt handmade by "Doll Sew Today"  and his Terry cloth Baha striped hoodie was upcycled by me from baby pajamas.
He is available for sale in the Dollectable Congo.

Tate was helping me design a few new backdrops and work on some logos.  Well... really he was helping by critiquing my work.  "what is that suppose to be?"

"oh, I get it... it's like, suppose to be the beach.  cool."

Tate is available for sale now.   You can find him here ->

Peace, Love and Cookies, Nikki

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