Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bedtime and a book review: Rabbit Ears by Amber Stewart and Illustrated by Laura Rankin

Bedtime.  Thank goodness, right?

Tate reads Levi and Rowan their bedtime story.

Well sometimes our bath and bedtime routine is all fun and giggles and sometimes it's more like this....

I bet you've had nights like that too.  But no matter what, by the time we are all settled down to read our favorite books everyone is the happiest they've been all day.  Once we are cuddled in with piles of pillows, our favorite books, a few sweet yawns and rounds of "I love you's" we all know that the world is good.

Our absolute favorite book right now is Rabbit Ears by Amber Stewart and Illustrated by Laura Rankin.  Not only are the illustrations just beautiful, they are also full of life, expression and the most important part... silliness.

The book is about a little rabbit named Hopscotch who does not like having his ears washed in the bath.  No matter what, not even if his mommy bribes him with his very favorite chocolate cake.

The book is full of things to giggle about and every part is relatable to my little boys not liking to have their hair washed.  In the end Hopscotch learns from his bigger cousin that washing your ears is not all that bad and Hopscotch eventually does it on his own.

The story is a reminder to me that these little frustrations are temporary as well as a slight suggestion to my boys of how they can do things on their own, just like their bigger cousins.  All in all, I don't think you can pinpoint what makes a book THE magic bedtime book, but whatever it is this book has it.

Best wishes and a snuggly goodnight- Nikki 

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