Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I can give you wings.

My son spent a good part of the past year wanting wings so he could fly. We twisted daddy's shirts into wings or a super hero cape pinned the right way would do the trick in a pinch, we used cardboard or canvas. Everyday he was a bird and everyday he could fly. I was amazed. All I had to do was give him wings.

The best part about my job is giving, absolute, hands down, best part. I WISH I could give everything that I make away, but I would run out of supplies very quickly and you would get cardboard wings that only last one day.

What I can do is donate wings to help ease burdens, to raise funds for a good cause.
This design will be exclusive and only available through auction when I am able to contribute to a good cause.
The wings will come with a dress or overalls for the boys.
In this case I am donating to Wynter. You can find out more about the auction here, and see the set of wings and dress that I have donated being modeled by my cutie Bamboletta.  In the picture below the wings are shown on Clover, a doll I made as a birthday present for myself.  I kind of love her.

"I can give you wings."

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