Tuesday, December 3, 2013

excitement in the air

My boys are thriving on all of the holiday spirit!  They are lit up like dancing Christmas tree lights.  From the moment they wake up in the morning they are bouncing, jumping and singing until their heads hit the pillows again at night.  At dinner last night I was pulled out of the kitchen by the sounds of giggles and shouts.  "Mommy!!!!  You have to see this!  Hurry!!!!"  They had discovered our neighbors house twinkling across the street, fully bedazzled.  I can't get over how magical it is for them.
We started decorating the day after Thanksgiving.  This is the first year we have put up an actual tree.  The past four years we hung a felt tree with felt decorations that the boys were free to play with. The silly boys have found games to play with this tree.  They take all of the ornaments off and hang them again and they found the box of felt ornaments and just toss them on (they stick!)  Cleary also loves to hide his tiny hedgehog in the branches and see who can find him.  The absolute best is when I catch them just standing in front of it gazing.  Christmas trees are magical.

                  We made Salt dough ornaments.  One of my favorite childhood traditions.  

I've started a snowflake garland.  I had to find a tutorial online, i couldn't believe I forgot how to make them!

We have 8 days of Christmas books to open.  I have 5 days to come up with the rest of our Advent countdown...


I hope you are all enjoying the Holiday Season! 

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