Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The BOO!!!!!! game!

Why wouldn't I want to sign up to bring a game to my son's preschool Halloween party?  I mean, everyone wants that job... but my fellow preschool mommies always save that spot for last, just for me.  I never pay attention and always get the last spot.  Bring a game.  Well, I've got a fix for you!  I've just invented the best preschool party game and it can be made to suit any occasion.  (maybe I didn't invent it, please let me know if you've seen this before!)

The Halloween game is called BOO!!!

First make 3 cubes with 3 different images on them.

I found my cube pattern here.

Or you can print my BOO!!!!!  cubes.  

First break up into two teams and make a score board.  You can print mine if you want... (don't mind my drawings, we can say Cleary did it.)

Each team takes turns rolling the dice.  
When someone rolls three like images everyone yells BOO! and that team gets a point.
Kind of like a preschool Yahtzee!  Which we love to play, I came up with the idea because Cleary was begging to bring Yahtzee to the party.
Easy peasy and lots of fun!

Cleary wanted to draw his own Spider...  isn't it cute!

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