Wednesday, August 28, 2013

"One sunday morning the warm sun came up!"

When I showed a friend my newly completed set of dolls she looked at my beaming face and said "Sometimes you even impress yourself, huh?"  Well, yes I suppose I do.  Humbleness aside (actually, I'm still working on that trait) these dolls have got me floored!  I can only take a little credit on their beauty.  Eric Carle was the inspiration, and they were a custom request from a Mamma who clearly has an artistic vision beyond mine.  I told her I did not think I could do it, but her confidence in me spurred me to try.  

They were certainly fun to make, and like most moms these days I can recite Eric Carle books by memory so his cute stories were running though my head with every stitch.  If you are wondering my favorite Eric Carle book is the Grouchy Ladybug, but Brown Bear, Brown Bear is the book that has seen the most wear!  What's your favorite Eric Carle book?  


  1. I want a custom set of these. And one with and egg a chick a hen and a rooster...

    I live your work...please.