Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Dragon Party!

My smiley silly happy boy has just turned 4!  He is obsessed with super heroes.  Much to my dismay he wants to battle evil and destroy bad guys most of the day.  Typical.  But when I direct his play towards dragons his imagination expands.  He takes his dragons on grand adventures and explorations, at times his is a dragon and sometimes he is a knight with dragon pets for protection.  But my favorite is in the evening when his beloved Petit Ame Dragon becomes his baby to care for.  He sings to him and pets him, makes sure he is comfy and puts him to sleep just right with a little story, hug and kiss.  I love dragons, I love how the fantastical nature of the Dragon can inspire my son to stretch his imagination.  Cleary decided that he would have a Dragon themed party for his 4th birthday.

Party favors for the guests were upcycled dragon tees.  I made 15 tee shirts for $18.00.  Thrifty and Green!   They also doubled as decoration.

The kids all had fun taking a chance at smashing the dragon Piñata open!  I would have made a piñata but... making dolls is more fun.  Plus, would I really have been able to let them destroy it?

It's not a Dragon Party without pin the tail on the Dragon!

Poor guy, his cheek got pinned!

This is Nimbus, Cleary's new best friend.  I was lucky enough to have a doll exchange with Petit Ame.  Aren't her Dragons AMAZING!

Here's the birthday boy!

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