Thursday, January 22, 2015

rainbows and wishes

It's almost February, which means valentines day is coming up!
I am celebrating this Valentines day with tons of Twigs.  My son really loves his "daddy" Twig that I made for him last Valentines day.  I haven't made any since and I felt it was time for more of the lovable cuddly sticks!   These little guys were inspired by my boys, who will choose rocks and sticks over most toys.  A little bit of nature and a little bit of cuddles.

We had a fun little photo shoot in the snow!

And I sketched up some valentines day cards to go with your little valentines!

These were the original watercolor drawings from when I first doodled the Twigs in to existence.  You can now purchase a set of 2 cards in my etsy shop!

Peace and Love!  Nikki

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