Monday, November 3, 2014

NapLush Dolls, Luke the Bear and Kelly the Fox

I first began the series of NapLush dolls last June (as in 2013?!?!) with the intentions of making a Naplet Bear.  I can't believe it's been over a year already and he's just come to life.  I had big plans with my new design, ordered tons of mohair and sketched 20 different possibilities.
I started with Mohair Naplets to get use to working with the new material, these 3 to be exact....

This is Bazinga, don't tell the others but he was my favorite!  (And I'm a bunny person!)

I was in LOVE!  The mohair was so scrumptious; fluffy, soft and warm and I couldn't wait to dive in.  But before I got to work on my teddy bear style Naplings I had a bit of a customs list to finish.  Well... a bit is an understatement, not that I didn't have fun with it.  I loved all of the different ideas and challenges of what a Napling could be and I some of my greatest creations came from those custom requests.
Somewhere along the line, my son adopted a Naplet rolled head.  (No face or body, just the head.  As in a wool ball with a fabric covering)  He wanted a little home for the head and found a tiny box, my 4 year old took such great care of this little stolen bit of wool I could hardly believe it.  I wanted to make him something tiny to care for and I was oddly inspired by these finger monster guys from my childhood.  I remember treating them the same way when I was little!  I loved them and they were my bitty pets.
Let me tell you, the teeny hedgehog has been an amazing hit with him!  Something about the abstract simple shape, and the teeny tiny-ness.  His little friend is one of his most adored toys.  He gives him baths and sleeps with him.  Second to Eggy (my son's pet rock) Hedgie is his favorite.

So... I veered a little on my path to Teddy Bear Napling.

And then with the fall approaching, the leaves crunching and deer running everywhere, and I literally mean everywhere I looked!  I HAD to make deer.  It wasn't even my choice.  And I found a new all time favorite!  Okay... maybe he ties with Nathan the Snail and the Moth... who am I kidding I can't pick a favorite Napling.

Back to the mohair story.... somewhere in the frantic trying to figure out how to be a WAHM and what I actually wanted to do with all of this mohair, Shima the Kitten came along and said "Find peace my friend."  That was in October and shortly after I was hit with my first flu in 10 years and worsening Hashimoto's symptoms (I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's in 2005 but have been able to manage it with medication.)  Now it seemed as soon as I started to recover a little bit, I would catch another preschool bug that would put me out for a week or two.  
Recently, I've been feeling incredibly well since discovering that Gluten was exacerbating my Hashimoto's symptoms and this winter I plan to carry anti-bac handlotion everywhere, something I've never done before.  (Take care of yourselves Mama's!)

Shima the first Mohair Napling

 Smitten by Shima, I was anxious to make more mohair teddy style Naplings.  Mohair teddy style Napling started to be too much to say so NapLush took it's place; as in Luscious Naplings or Naplings Plush style.  

With snow on the ground I couldn't help but make these Snow Butterflies, these Teddy style little ones begged for antennae instead of ears. 

Then as the snow melted and the foxes started running through the fields nearby I wanted to make all of the woodland creatures on my list.

Kelly the fox was a priority, not only because he kept running through my yard but my boys had still not stopped singing 'what does the fox say?' and the book became heavy bedtime rotation.  I spent 3 days (and lots of mohair) trying to get the  dip dye on his hands and feet to take.  Eventually, I discovered a magic trick.

My dear friend Jennifer Casey (check her out!) captured this magical shot of Kelly enjoying the quiet calm of the woods at night. 

Kelly is an excellent daddy.

Whew.... now that I've written a novel when all I wanted to do was introduce you to my latest NaPlush creations, Luke the Bear and his forest friends.   Well here they are!

"It's not too cold, I'll take the beach any day!"  

Naplet Unicorns

Hey!  What about me?!?


Hey, guys!  Wake up, it's time to meet everyone!
Okay, one more song...  Hush little baby don't you cry...

 Now for an update; among the last two customs from patient wonderful customers deer and Naplet Hedgies are on my work table, I hope they will be ready for December's Dollectable and many more NapLush will be coming to life along the way.

Well, I hope life is treating you kind and I'm wishing everyone a healthy winter.  I just wanted to say hi and I hope to be a better (more consistent) blogger!  Feel free to say hi, it will keep me motivated. 

Best Wishes, Nikki

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