Friday, August 31, 2012

New home

My family recently moved from Virginia Beach, Virginia to Stevensville, MD.  I will start out by saying we are truly home.  My husband and I have both moved many times in our lives, personally I have moved at least 30 times.  So to say we are "truly home" in itself is a dream come true.  But once I introduce you to my small town I think you may also fall in love.
First stop, the yarn shop.  Really, what could be more important than that?  I was thrilled to find a large cone of natural handspun wool, spun from a sheep that lives a few blocks from me!  Well the sheep didn't spin it, a "nice old lady" did according to the yarn shop owners.  She lives here, from what I was told... but the Antique Shop hasn't been open.  I asked around and was told to knock, I guess I just have to hope someone is home one of the times I am knocking.  
I don't know about you, but yarn from my neighbor sheep makes me pretty darn happy!

a little doll sweater I knit with this lovely yarn!

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