Sunday, June 17, 2012


Finding time to squeeze a bit of work into each day is getting more difficult as my 2 year old becomes more 2 and my 7 month old more mobile.   *sigh*  the 7 month old that began cruising at 5 months... is that even possible?!?!  These days I try to sneak a few stitches while they play... 
caught this one trying to escape,
and I get design help from this one.  I can't complain about that!

and somehow I manage to finish creating a new addition to Naptown Boys;  Oslo the owl is the first of many woodland creatures "Naplings"

I also made a robot for Cleary.  Throughout the making of the robot shrieks of delight "you are making a ROBOT FOR ME!!!!!" were heard anytime Cleary caught a glimpse.

'robot' is well loved

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